Botanical Field Guides

Horst and Gisela Kretzschmar

On many excursions within the past decades we have visited a hugh nummer of regions of Europe. We have published a lot of books about Orchids of Greece and their distribution as a result of our work. But thereby we made the experience, how difficult it often appears, to get exact informations about plants and animals of these regions. So we decided, to publish our knowlegde as special natur guides, which will be - according modern times - very good usable on smartphones / tablets / notebooks. They will present all botanical highlights on many pictures, they will be arranged in different tours and will offer exact datas to find these plants, as well they will include keys to determine these species. Each guide will deal with a special period of the year, to ensure finding most of these species in flowering size. Special interest is focussed to geophytes like wild Orchids, Daffodils, Crocus-, Colchicum species and relatives, but also informations to find many other nice and rare plants will be included.
So we plan to offer more and more guides, listed below, you may get more information there.

Southern Andalucia early flowering Geophytes

Southern Andalucia autum flowering Geophytes and nice birds

Portugal and Galicia in early Spring*

Northern Greece Mainland*

Northern and Central Peleponnes in spring*

Southern Peleponnes in Early Spring*

Autmn flowering geophytes of the Peleponnes*


Crete in Spring*

Autumn flowering Geophytes on Crete*

Orchids on Rhodes(German only)

Siros in Spring*

Kythnos in Spring*

Ikaria in Spring*

Lesvos in Early Summer*

Northern Cyprus in Spring*

Astipalea in Spring*

* in preparation

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