Field guide: Southern Andalucia early flowering Geophytes

Horst and Gisela Kretzschmar

This is a new kind of field guide. It is particulary written / programmed to run it on electronical devices like tablets, smartphones or as well any kind of computers, but as well, if you prefer paper in any way, you may print it out. It delivers perfect prepared information to find all interesting species of plants or animals (especially all Narcissus species of this region) in the very early spring. It will run on any system, either Android or Win / Apple.
The main part includes 17 daily tours, any tour is shown on a map with marked positions, where the desired plants can be found. The species, which can be seen at such locations are shown by high quality pictures, as well named within the text. To all shown pictures further on their location is described by a co-ordinate.
All daily tours are easily to drive and not more than about 100 m will be necessary to walk at any location. Some ways to drive are gravel roads, depending on weather conditions a four wheel driven car may be helpful, but not necessary under dry weather conditions.
Because a (Google Earth) KMZ-File is delivered in the package, which as well is divided into these daily tours, you easily will be able to consider the local conditions at any point of interest yet before you start.

Let's have a look to see, what is included.

You will get a packed download with this content:

1. The field guide (85 pages A4) in full print resolution(392Mb)and as well a compressed copy (30 Mb)to use it in case of low space or for higher speed
2. A database (KMZ) to load it on Google Earth showing all botanical points of interest with exact co-ordinates
3. If you click right on any mark within Google earth, there will be displayed the co-ordinate and which species you may find there.
4. A PDF listing all (about 400) exactly measured GPS points and accorded species to use it as well with any other navigation system

Perhaps you may download some pages as a try out to see, what you will get: =>>> Download of a few pages of the guide

If you want, we can deliver (for 10 € extra) a high quality colour laser print of the field guide.
The download is protected by a password
You pay via Paypal 29,95 € to our accout ( ) and you send an email, that you've paid (see below). You immediately will recieve a mail giving you the password to open the download.

It may be the best to use this field guide on a tablet with Google-Earth directly for navigation. But alternatively you also can use the printed guide by transmitting the co-ordinates manually to any navigation device. In both cases you will be able to locate and find any point of interest mentioned in the guide.

=== >>> Download of the datas

Mail to us that you have bought and paid at Paypal

Remark: You will to have installed Acrobat Reader or an Acrobat App using a device with Android/Apple-system software, as well Google Earth or an "App" for the other systems. All these programs/apps are free downloadable from the internet.

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If you have questions, please send us a mail