Excursion to Portugal and Galicia 27.03.- 13.03.2015

Flight directly from Frankfurt to Lissabon and back. Mean purpose was to search and find different Narcissus species, over all we found 14 species and subspecies. And searching in many different biotops as well a lot of interesting other plant species and a few animals.

Daily excursions in that time:

Day 27.2.2015 Serra de Arrabida, Portugal
Day 28.2.2015 Porto de Mos, Minde, Portugal
Day 1.3.2015 Minde to Nelas, Portugal
Day 2.3.2015 to Serra de Estrella, Portugal
Day 3.3.2015 to Val de Nogeira, Portugal
Day 4.3.2015 to Braganca, Portugal
Day 5.3.2015 Braganca, Portugal to Melida, Spain
Day 6.3.2015 Melida, Spain to Fisterra, Spain to Pontevedra, Spain
Day 7.3.2015 Pontevedra, Spain to Castelo Branco, Portugal
Day 8.3.2015 Castelo Branco, Portugal to Sao Bras de Alportel, Algarve, Portugal
Day 9.3.2015 Sao Bras to Albufeira and back
Day 10.3.2015 Sao Bras to Faro and to Tavira and back
Day 11.3.2015 Sao Bras to S. Bartholomeu de Messines and back
Day 12.3.2015 Sao Bras to Setubal, Serra de Arrabida
Day 13.3.2015 Setubal to Bucelas and back to Lissabon

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