Southern Andalusien 18.02. - 07.03.2014


Flight with Vueling from Frankfurt/Main to Barcelona, only a short time there and with another plane then to Malaga.

Problems in Malaga, our luggage remained in Barcelona. Wwe had booked an appartement in Ardales gebucht hatten, 60 km from Malaga they were unable to send the luggage to us. On the other hand we had to check in until 22.00 h. The only solution: to drive with the meanwhile rented car (Volvo XC60) to Ardales, to get the key for the appartement, then back to Malaga, about 21.00 h receiving the luggage, and again back to Ardales, over all 180 km - not nice...

The hired car was very good, only a littlebit too big for some small streets in villages in the mountains...... later more.

However - even from the big streets we could see some first Narcissus papyraceus, at 2 places we stopped and did some shots.
pictures 18.02.2014

Next morning first from Ardales to some lakes northeast, then further on south west in the direction of El Burgo, which we didi not reach. A lot of nice findings.
pictures 19.02.2014

Next day we took the same street to El Burgo, from there over the pass of the northern Sierra de Nieves to Ronda and to the natural park of the Sierra de Nieves. which can be reached by another street from south.
pictures 20.02.2014

Now we changed from Ardales eastward to the region around Almeria, we found a nice hotel in Cabo de Gata itself named Blanca Briza. Here we stayed the next days. It was very easy to find some of the most desired plants directly on the way ....
pictures 21.02.2014

Long trip first to Nijar then further eastward until Las Negras. Very impressiv landscapes over all. Rare N. gaditanus found at 3 places.
pictures 22.02.2014

Trip first to Karst of Sorbas then to Cortijo Grande, than again to the coast. All the day bright sunshine.
pictures 23.02.2014

Bad weather over night. So we decided to stay one day longer in the very dry area and continued to search Caralluma europaea - with success at the end.
pictures 24.02.2014

We did the long trip to the west to the Sierra de Grazalema.
pictures 25.02.2014

First day in the Sierra de Grazalema. Due to any festival in Grazalema it was difficult to find a hotel - so at the end we took an appartement in the Hostal rural Venta la Vega - not very comfortable, but short to the desired plants. Long trip - see map overview!
pictures 26.02.2014

Second day in the Sierra de Grazalema. First along western border of Zahara lake, then northeastern border back to Sierra de la Nieves from south to the top. Then to the Abies pinsabo from there back to the main road Ronda - Coast, crossing this street and back on very small streets.
pictures 27.02.2014

Third day in the Sierra de Grazalema. To the high mountains - Llano de libar
pictures 28.02.2014

Last day in the Sierra de Grazalema. Rain all the day - we tried to escape southward, but no chance.
pictures 01.03.2014

So we changed our location again - from the Sierra de Grazalema to Ardales. Much better weather. Interesting rock flora in the El Chorro gorge.
pictures 02.03.2014

Within the pine tree wood in the montains close to Casarabonela we found big populations of Narcissus cantabricus. And interesting mountain tops close to Ardales with orchids.
pictures 03.03.2014

Not very nice weather, we tried to escape to the south, and with success: we found a lot of the desired Zerynthia rumina and then aside a bad street close to Tolox the wonderful Iphiclides feisthamelii - which I never saw before !
pictures 04.03.2014

Again southward with - at the end - some nice orchids.
pictures 05.03.2014

The last day of our journey. Southward again due to the weather. Very interesting, unexpected area in the Sierra de Ojen. A valley formed by water, in many areas very extensiv, here aside some orchids the tiny Narcissus gaditanus. Higher up in the mountains on the rocks along the street to the Parador Narcissus assoanus, these both rather well determinable. But then at a lower located place another type, very attractive, but we remained unsure, which species.
pictures 06.03.2014